Sunday, June 15, 2008


''Get Well, Dr. Grace''

---My doctor was in a head-on collision, that has left her in need of much medical help at present. She is part of my Care Team and has been very supportive of everything I have done.
---The strangeness of the whole situation, for me, is that one of the last things that I had mentioned to her was that I think the membership at this Nursing Facility could do well with a weekly checkin involving the Resident and a member of his/her Care Team, where the concerns of the resident are dealt with in a periodic manner.
---She visited me two days before her accident. We watched one of my YouTubes. Dedication - DR. GRACE!!
HOSPITAL TIME Video - Picture is Kind of ARTSY! YouTube Gets ALL The Credit. Two Pics Combined.

Older Version of, HOSPITAL TIME, (mediafire) -
UPDATE - Dr. Grace came out of the coma, is talking, and is on the mend. It is very nice to experience.
YouTube Search - MrStrokeGuy

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No sound, no image on this one as well.