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SLOWER than the Rabbit, but
FASTER than the Turtle!

---I think I found the trick to beat the turtle in the race. You have said it is NOT who crosses the finish line first, but the real winner is he/she who finds his/her own pace. I think if I go at a slower pace than the Rabbit and hence not tiring myself out while going faster than the Turtle to beat him/her! Eureka...I might win that race.

---My pace is somewhere between the rabbit and the turtle. In my younger days I did battle with those two many times. At times I must admit...the rabbit and turtle were unrecognizable. The rabbit could be a tiger and the turtle could be a rattler. My fear of my opponents could make the race and my pace a whole different animal. I didn't know where I was in the pace department. The good news is that I learned my lessons and NOW pick and choose better. I make more mature decisions. Things are less fear based and more in the realm of reality.

---I, finally, REDEFINED WINNING! I understand what is meant by, ''the winner is the one who finds his/her own pace.'' Be Well!

 RIVALRY: Sibling or Otherwise

---Many find themselves competing and comparing themselves to siblings and/or someone else who seemingly outdoes them at every turn. Him or her gets more notice for his abilities than you do. You discover that there exists a resentment toward this other person that exposes a jealousy you harbor toward him/her for the abilities he has.

---The real winning is NOT who crosses the finish line first. It comes to whomever finds his own pace that causes him/her to perform at his optimum.


---This calls into question the difference between BEING the best OR DOING your best. If the main concern is about being the best, you can see a more roller coaster ride is in store for your life. If your life is about doing your best, you can see how much, more consistent things will most likely be. Be Well.

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Hi Peter,


---Everyone in this hospital and I would say that everyone I met hitchhiking and everyone in general are doing exactly what you and I  have been doing in our own way. We and they are searching to have a better relationship with ourselves. Anyone who found something that they truly liked + enjoyed and were working at it, seemed to have a leg up on the rest. There are some, but NOT a whole lot of people that have found it (their passion) at a young age.

---I was in Charlotte, NC  (1981) saying to God (this is something I sometimes did back then,) if you grow my fingers, I'll build a Church for you. I had a real revelation at this time. ''Healing doesn't come in growing fingers or anything like that. It comes in accepting yourself as you are, so-called faults and all.'' This really changed things around for me. Instead trying to be different than who I am, BE WHO I AM. And, when push comes to shove...this is the best that I can be. MYSELF! And, that is okay! My understanding of who and what God is matured in a big way, also.

---I found that that is basically why people appear so screwed up at times. It is because people really don't know that they are good enough. They don't know that it's alright to be themselves. They end up competing and comparing themselves to each other to find this out. They really don't accept themselves as they are. They end up seeing if they measure up to their neighbor. They think that they need fingers (or whatever happens to be their hang up) to complete who they are. I didn't and they don't! (It is the thinking that these things are necessary,) that is the problem! When one loves and accepts oneself, one never thinks of harming others.

---And, for those who act like they think they are better than other people (superior,) they are just compensating for feelings of inferiority inside. This is basically the boat we are all in. Be Well!

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---All human beings have both the male and female within. The Yin and Yang if you will. When the two are aligned properly, (perfect sexual coupling within,) then the offspring of the coupling becomes purity + love itself. To be in this state one must be very honest + pure to begin with. It renews the you that you are, with the new you of the coupling. This coupling continues to renew the you that you are and occurs while one remains in this pure state. One in a certain sense…marries himself/herself. To put it a better way, MARRIES The SELF. It is truly a state of SELF-ACCEPTANCE. It's easier to perceive than to live out of. A state of constant eternal growth if one is able to stay in this pure state. (Very Tantric!)